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Joalis Presentation in London


Joalis Presentation in London

Joalis was launched in the UK on 13 July 2013 with a day of lectures and practical presentations. The Joalis Day at the Welcome Foundation was attended by some 50 people. The first accredited therapist in the UK was awarded her Diploma. The programme of the first Joalis Day in London is outlined below.

Most people, who attended the launch were inspired by Joalis approach to detoxification and to healthy lifestyle and indicated their interest to study the Joalis Method further. For them and for others who have contacted Joalis subsequently, we have created a separate section on Education on this website.

Several Joalis Day attendees have become candidate therapists and currently continue to study for the Diploma. If you wish to become a Joalis therapist please see the sectionEducation for more information (accessible on registration).

We intend to build on the success of the launch in 2013 and repeat the Joalis Day in London later this year. Other activities are also planned.

Please indicate your interest in attending.

There are intensive lecture and training programmes available in other European countries in their domestic languages. Please see the websites of Joalis companies in the International section of the website for details.

Joalis will also distribute its current events in a form of a Newsletter. It should become a forum for those interested in the Joalis philosophy. If your are interested to receive the Newsletter, or to contribute to it, please contact the editor:

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To learn about the method of managed and controlled detoxification visit the Method section and FAQ.

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