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Joalis Examinations

Joalis Examinations

Joalis Theory & Practical Examinations

We have prepared for you study material for Joalis Theory Examination as well as a range of likely questions to be covered in the actual test. This should enable you to focus your studies. Both is available on request on

You will see from the attached list of questions that the Joalis Theory Examination will take a form of multiple choice questions. When you have completed your study and feel that you are ready to take the Examination, please contact us by email.

In response we shall send you advice of Date and Time of the Joalis Theory Examination. You can request an alternative Date and Time and we shall endeavour to accommodate you. On the appointed Time we shall send you the actual Test, which will contain 30 questions selected from the study material. You will have 60 minutes to return the Test us. Any delays in returning the completed Test within this 60 minutes will invalidate it. The Examination period cannot be extended. Please ensure when requesting the Test that you will not be disturbed during the Examination and that your internet connection is robust. You will need to answer 20 questions correctly to pass the Joalis Theory Examination.

Please arrange your practical training separately, as directed in the Education section (accessible on registration). The successful Candidates need to pass both Joalis Practice and Joalis Theory Examinations.


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