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EAV testing

EAV testing

Detection of toxic burdens using EAV instruments and EAM set progamme

Testing is not complicated, but requires some experience. An EAV instrument responds to questions by indicating either „Yes“ or „No“ answers. It does not provide specific values. It does not measure the level of the toxic burden, nor the extend of its damage.

Testing is best illustrated by a specific example of a detection of the gluten burden. Prior to a test the EAV instrument needs to be preset to the level „80“ (see the Menu „EAV machine“). Next, insert the expression GLUTEN into the active area of the EAM set. If the indicator rests on the level „80“ the organism is not affected by gluten. If the indicator drops to the level „60“ the organism has a gluten burden.

The second test atempts to measure where the toxic burden is located within the organism. Leave the expression GLUTEN in the active area and add a specific body organ or system target, for example NERVOUS SYSTEM. Here the signal has a different significance. If the indicator drops to „60“ the nervous system is not affected by gluten. Conversely, the indicator remains on „80“ the nervous system is affected by gluten.

The suitable detoxication programme for a specific client is prepared on the basis of detection measurements for various toxins and their locations.

EAV testing manual - download

EAV testing - download


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