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Joalis Training in London 2014

Our second group training for prospective Joalis therapists was organised in St John’s Wood in London on 1 June 2014. Our trainer Ms Ewa Nowicka spent the afternoon with seven participants explaining the use of Joalis test machines in detail. This was followed by practical demonstrations with active participation of all attendees.

The format enabled everyone to try and experience the Salvia test machine. There was an opportunity to learn how to utilise specific test methods. Participants have found it beneficial to exchange their observations and to learn during their discussion from experiences of others.

The small group training sessions will be arranged in future at the request of any prospective therapists. If you would be interested, please drop us a line on the website, or contact Ms Nowicka directly. You will also find an extensive list of training programmes in other countries on our website - click on the international section.



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