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What are the Joalis preparations?

Joalis preparations are all food supplements. They are not medicines. We do not recommend going off prescribed medicines. If feel ill or have a pain or specific disorder always consult your GP.

All our preparations are made from completely natural ingredients. They are extracted exclusively from European plants. Certain of our preparations also contain vitamins. Preparations are preserved by the addition of pure alcohol.

All our preparations are clearly labelled, stating all their ingredients, nutritional data, recommended dose and shelf life. Elsewhere on this website each preparation, available in the UK, has a dedicated list of comprehensive information.

All our preparations have been independently tested by a EU certified laboratory and carries a Certificate of Safety in compliance with EC Regulations No1925/2005, No1925/2006, No629/2008 and No1170/2009.

How should I purchase Joalis preparations?

Contact us for reference to a Joalis trained CIC advisor for an appointment and an initial test. We recommend that a therapist provide the initial treatment. He/she will be able to recommend and sell you relevant preparations.


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