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Dr Jonas on the Method of managed and controlled detoxification

I graduated as a Doctor of Medicine from Charles University in 1969 with the intention of helping people by curing them of illness. Over the following two decades of my medical practice I came to realise that by focusing on treating specific illnesses, modern medicine neglected the wider aspects human health. I became increasingly aware that the preventative approach to health, that was so central to traditional medicines, played a relatively minor role in Western healthcare.

I have learned that traditional Chinese, Indian and European medicines have developed a more comprehensive approach to maintaining and restoring good health and understanding the relationship we have to the environment in which we live. The holistic approach to health and wellbeing became in my opinion more relevant than ever. As a result of living with stress, being subjected to environmental pollutants and suffering from dietary excesses and deficiencies, we have been exposed to an increasing number of toxins which weaken our immune system and our ability to ward off illness.

Principles of ancient Chinese medicines have stood the test of millennia. Firstly, our body is a combination of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. All parts of our body are linked and interact with each other. Secondly, we are born with the ability to heal ourselves. Our body works to regulate itself and to restore its balance. Thirdly, prevention is better than cure. Only when the body is completely disrupted does conventional medicine need to be introduced to provide a treatment. The basic difference between the Eastern and Western approach to health and medicine is that the latter treats a disorder when it has already taken hold, while Eastern medicine seeks to maintain the body’s natural balance, using herbal compounds, to prevent illness.

By early 1990s I became a believer in natural medicine as a complement to modern Western medicine and published books on the subject as well as on healthy diet and lifestyle. With the same purpose I founded Joalis to manufacture natural food supplements and to train therapists to administer them. I was encouraged to find that a 2010 survey found that 74 percent of US medical students believed that Western medicine would benefit by integrating traditional therapies and practices.

Illnesses often arise from external (environmental), internal (emotional) and miscellaneous (diet, stress) disturbances. When toxins are introduced beyond the ability of the body to deal with them, the body´s natural balance is disrupted. As each body and each person are unique they need to be treated individually.

We have found a process to measure excess toxins in the body. Our unique method of a Controlled Inner Cleansing (CIC) uses EAV monitors and proprietary software enable our therapists to offer Joalis preparations for body detoxification.

Our CIC method has grown in popularity over the last two decades and is offered by therapists in the UK and nine other European Union countries.

Dr Josef Jonas


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